The  5th International Conference on Plant Metabolism (ICPM 2020)

Plant Metabolism & Natural Products

The  5th International Conference on Plant Metabolism (ICPM 2020)

Plant Metabolism & Natural Products

July 14-17, 2020, Kunming, China

July 14-17, 2020, Kunming, China

Register Program


The ICPM2020 will cover the following research subjects. You may select one subject with/without one alternative subject to submit an abstract.

1. Abstract research subjects:

(1) Biosynthesis and Regulation of Phenols 
(2) Biosynthesis and Regulation of Alkaloids 
(3) Biosynthesis and Regulation of Terpenes 
(4) Polysaccharides and Cell Wall Biosynthesis 
(5) Crop Nutrition Traits and Biofortification 
(6) Synthetic Biology 
(7) Metabolites in Plant-Biotic /Abiotic Interactions 
(8) Metabolomics and Metabolic Flux 
(9) Enzyme Structure, Function and Evolution 
(10) Natural Products 

2. Online submission

(1) Abstracts must be submitted online. For abstract submission, you should first login to the registration and complete necessary registration information, then submit an abstract according to the required format. 
(2) For oral presentation, the abstract should be submitted before March 1, 2020.  
(3) The submitted abstract can be modified before June 14, 2020.   

3. Submission Requirements

(1) The deadline for abstract submission is June 14, 2020 .
(2) The abstract should be prepared in English follow the format. The abstract should contain a title, names of authors, affiliated institutions, contact e-mail address, main text of abstract and key words. No images, tables, diagrams or graphs are allowed. The maximum number of words is 350. 
(3) Poster size should be in the size of 0.9 meter wide and 1.2 meter high.
(4)For poster presentation, there are two ways to choose: 1) The poster can be uploaded online in PDF format, we will help print it and bring to the conference. This has to be uploaded before June 26, 2020. 2) You can bring the poster to the conference by yourself. This need to get a poster spot number by email ( before June 26, 2020.

Key Dates

Oral Presentation Application
Before March 1, 2020
Early Bird Registration
Before March 31, 2020
Abstract Submission
Before June 14, 2020
Poster Submission
Before June 26, 2020

Registration & Abstract

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